Szombathely - The Former Savaria

The 2000-year-old Szombathely is the  oldest town of the Carpathian Basin. We are proud of the rich historical past and heritage, of the famous natives and of the bustling cultural life of our town. Once here passed along the Amber Road, one of the most important commercial routes in Europe, and retired soldiers settled down here as well.

The Iseum of Szombathely had been the third biggest Isis Sanctuary of Europe. In 2011 it was renewed and became so a real gem of the modern city. Every year in August the town becomes a roman city, during the famous Savaria Historical Carnival, the biggest historical festival of Central Europe.

Saint Martin, the most popular patron saint of Europe was born in Szombathely. The Saint Martin’s Church was built above his birthplace. The Martinus Pilgrim Route built in the 21st century crosses our town as well. Traditionally we commemorate Saint Martin by organizing weeks-long series of programs.

Our town has a plenty of historical and cultural attractions. Beside of the ancient monuments, a considerable religious heritage can be found in the town. The Cathedral of Szombat-hely is the third biggest one in Hungary.

The Lakeside Lido, the Boating Lake or the Thermal Baths offer great programs for the fans of the active tourism.The multi-laterality of Szombathely proves that it has been the centre of the intellectual and cultural life, a wide range of performances of play and classical concerts is available for the visitors. Our town is also mentioned as the Gate of the West because Austria is only a few minutes’ distance from here, but it is worth to visit also Kőszeg, Bük and Sárvár. This program guide is just a taste of all that what Szombathely offers to the visitors.,